You’ve never experienced an environmentally-friendly toilet like ours before.

Green Flush Technologies has worked hard to build the most Earth-friendly modular flush restroom available. We’ve maximized water and energy conservation to bring you sustainable restrooms that support the environment and provide a pleasing experience for visitors.

Environmentally-Supportive Features

Our restrooms offer the following Earth-friendly features:

  • Optional solar power – This option provides all the sun-generated power needed to run your facilities day in and day out.
  • Extreme water conversation – We have engineered our restrooms to reduce water consumption up to 90% compared to conventional flush restrooms. Our toilets use as little as 1 quart of water per flush. We’ve added limited flow sink faucets, and water-less urinals. We even offer the option of reusing sink water for flushing. By optimal use of every drop we save at least a gallon of water with every use. In some environments our restrooms can run off of rainwater collected from the roof.
  • Minimal ground disturbance – for a reduced environmental impact. Our installations produce minimal ground disturbance due to a small excavation footprint and eliminating all trenching.

As is the case with all flush toilets, our models keep sewage odors out of the inside and outside environments, keeping the natural setting smelling the way it is supposed to.

Green Technology Rainwater Collection Option